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If any one is interested in the British Super Bike Championship they have first official testing on the 1st April (not joking) at Silverstone, check the Silverstone or BSB web sites as sometimes these are free to get in to for spectators, this is the day the Ducati TriOption Cup guys are there but the other classes including BSB normally share the same day, but again check the web sites.
1st official round is Silverstone over the Easter weekend.

Our team (Tech 5 Racing) are just preparing a new V2 for this season having run a Ducati 959 the past 2 seasons and a 899 before that.

Ooh, that's interesting about the V2. Very smart bike.

Is that in the main BSB or superstocks? I follow all the races but not quite up with what category the V2 would be entered in?

You wanna hope it won't be up against the Irwin boys on their new Hondas because everything else will be blown to the weeds. :001:
If you're detecting a little bias, you'd be right!! :016:

The Ducati V2 and 959's run as a support series at 8 of the BSB rounds, it is effectively a 1 make series of all the same bikes running as the Ducati TriOptions Cup.
This class has been running for quite a few years as part of the BSB weekends, starting way back with the 849cc, then 899, then 959 and 2020 will be the introduction of the new V2.
When Ducati bring out a new version, like the V2 this year they generally allow a couple of years for the riders to run the previous generation of bike but the later bikes generally have at least a small advantage.
The older bikes then filter down to club racing or track days.

It will be interesting to see which riders and bikes start off at the top of the BSB class, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, looks wide open at the moment 

Excellent. Thanks for that. I might have had a glimpse on the infrequent TV coverage of that series. All the best for the season!!

Official test day at Silverstone planned for the 1st April (yes really  :008:) has been cancelled along with the first round also at Silverstone originally planned for the Easter Weekend  :003:

Wait and see when things get going again  :027:


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