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Metzeler TD Slick
on: October 19, 2021, 09:04:36 PM
I recently had my first outing on the Metzeler TD Slicks.  Much like the Pirelli TDs, you can allegedly run these without warmers (though I used warmers since I have them and I had power) and the recommended pressures are virtually identical to the Pirelli SC series.  Unlike the Pirelli TDs, which have siping, these are proper slicks.  The first couple of sessions were COLD (about 50F) and at a very bumpy track and everything felt off until it warmed up a little, including the suspension.  In the afternoon everything felt great.  These tires felt a little different than the Pirelli SC2/SC3 I normally use but I can't quite put it into words.  Grip and feel were very similar though and like the Pirelli tires, they're a soft carcass tire.  At a moderately fast A group day, they held up well and I didn't need to make any suspension adjustments having come off the SC2 tires.  Since I only have one day on them, it's hard to say how long I think they'll last, but I reckon at least 3 or 4 days.  Price-wise, in the US, they're ~20% less expensive than the Pirelli SC2s.  The rears are officially able to be flipped, whereas Pirelli claims their tires are directional (but lots of people do indeed flip them).

If you're taking your Daytona to the track, the TD Slicks are worth a try!