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Break in/Track day
on: September 13, 2021, 10:43:20 PM
Ive got 200miles on my new Daytona 765 (was hoping to have at least 500 before the track) but life happens and im not going to have the time before I get to Mid Ohio.

Should I be worried about break in miles? Im thinking just swap out the oil before the track day and then have the first service done when im back and hit the 500 mark. I should add that I've only done a handful of track days. I still ride in novice, and while I keep up im not necessarily "giving it the beans" the way some would off of the rip.

I'm sure there's lots of opinions. My gut tells me im fine, but I figured i'd ask around.

Oh and i'll hopefully be fitting my decat pipe before I get up there too. Thanks rastaracing!
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