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Pirelli TD
on: March 16, 2021, 08:49:05 PM
I recently picked up another Pirelli 'TD' for the rear, this time in 180/60 (tire fits fine, BTW).  The interesting thing this time is that the side label is SC3 but it has sipes and is road legal in the US.  This makes me wonder if it has been a siped SC3 all along, the tire vendor couldn't say.  Any way about it, the tire worked great at 45F on Saturday.  I did use warmers though they don't require them.  I had a racer friend of mine take it out so I could get more data from someone who is legitimately quick and he was able to turn a 1:58 at Thunderhill East (northern California) which is a legitimately quick lap once when the air temp got to 60F but he had managed to get the tire hot enough that it was at 29psi.  He did say he was spinning the rear on exits though.  He insists on riding w/o TC.
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