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Supersport class to include 765 Triple


Hi all bike race fans, I have just read that the (to start with British) Supersport class with supports the Super Bike series will be looking to include the 765 Triple Triumph engine. :002:

Currently this class is for up to 600cc for 4 cylinders (including the 636 Kawasaki), up to 675cc for triples so includes the older Daytona's and up to 750cc Twins (not that there were any suitable to race). So realistically at the moment this is just Yamaha R6 and Kawasaki ZX6 so has limited manufacturer support. :003:

Now for 2021 they are looking to widen the class for other "middle weight" sports bike and this includes the 765 Triumph triple and the Ducati 955cc V2 (plus earlier 899 and 959 versions) all are thought to run similar lap times and I guess they can limit mods on some bikes to balance the field. :028:

So we may see a jump in demand for Daytona Moto2's for this class, plus what is already gaining popularity in the UK is for the Street Triple 765 to be converted to Daytona spec with Clip on's and race fairings, this can get you a very nice track bike for sensible money, particularly if you start with the RS model. :152:

I hope this will go ahead and we see the 765 triple Triumphs as the front.
You can see more details on-line

If it works in Moto2 then it should work in Supersport  :821:


The conversation has already taken place with Dorna and implementation is not expected before 2022. in Germany we have 2 racing series in which we can also drive with the Moto2. other if both are international, there are also drivers from Switzerland or the Czech Republic at the start

Hi Sordo,

Thanks for the update on the German classes for the 765 Daytona's, this looks well organized and subscribed.
It sounds like the British Supersport series are going to test including the 765 Triumphs in 2021 and may also add the Ducati V2 / 959 later in the 2021 season, :002: 

The British Super Bike support class for the Supersport bikes have released more details on the 765 Triumph, effectively a Daytona.

First official test will be at Silverstone tomorrow  :028:

Looking forward to the 765 performance against the other bikes in class  :821:


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