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    2020 NorCal Season Nearly Over
    on: November 06, 2020, 07:59:13 pm
    November 06, 2020, 07:59:13 pm
    I've managed to get in a few more track days on the D765 since the last update.  Most recently I attended a school at Thunderhill East (Northern California) with classroom instruction by Ken Hill and interspersed with 45 minute track sessions.  On day 1 of this 2 day school I had the opportunity to ride a session with and get coaching from the MotoAmerica Laguna Seca round 7th place superbike rider.  The rest of the day I worked directly with one of Ken Hills trained coaches.  It was a fantastic day and I managed to have my 2nd coach of day 1 ride my bike for a few laps and got telemetry data so that's hugely useful for using to improve my performance.  All the same, on day 1, I managed an 4 second improvement (multiple laps) at this track that has been very difficult for me to improve on.  Compared to my PB at the end of last season, I have an 8 second improvement.  While I'd love to say it was all the bike, riding the D675 from last year compared to the D765 for most of this season they are remarkably similar.  Day 2 I decided to take out the new-to-me race bike, a built RC390.  The small bike definitely takes a different approach in many regards but by the end of the 2nd session I was passing quite a few folks, even several liter bikes (not on the straights).  While I haven't reviewed all the data on the small bike yet, I was about 2 seconds off my PB on the D675 at the end of last year on a track that has some pretty fast straights.  The small bike will definitely teach you to be precise and to carry corner speed.  I have a flat track school coming up next week and if the weather holds, a couple more days at the end of the month at Thunderhill East.  Like Rasta, I will probably do some minimal prep to return the D765 to street-legal form soon.  I may be racing the 390 along with 3 other friends on the same bike next year!

    D765 PB lap during a lead-follow with my coach, still not quick here yet, but a lot quicker than I was last year:
    RC390 2nd session, including my off-track excursion as I am still getting my head around the GP shift and the fact that my boot kept catching on the heel guard, but starts to progress nicely in the last half:

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    Re: 2020 NorCal Season Nearly Over
    Reply #1 on: November 13, 2020, 02:23:35 am
    November 13, 2020, 02:23:35 am
    Looking great buddy.

    You are so lucky to have that awesome couching and riding Laguna Seca  :020:
    The little bikes are so fast in the corners. Thatís awesome yiur are going to go racing next year with your buddies on the KTMs.  :062:
    On the 765 heel mention. 
    Same thing happen here with the heel guard. I used some gorilla tape on my boot so the heel would be smooth. Thatís why there is all the black crap on my heel guard's on the M2.

    Iíll be checking out the videos later this wknd.

    Great post as always.  :762: :763:

    Cheers Bud.  :821: