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Coronavirus Hits MotoGP


Anyone not up with the news, we are in for a bad year of MotoGP :003:

I've bought tickets for Assen as my main bike trip for the Daytona this year. I am selfishly hoping the coronavirus dust has settled by then!

Nup. By beginning of May there will be no international travel. Most businesses will be closed and all grocery shopping will be done online. Deliveries made by masked and disinfected Tesco and Morrisons drivers.

Doctors will have wait lists of 3 weeks. McDonald's/Uber Eats/Just Eats etc, will deliver only to the front doorstep after pre-payment by card.

All schools will be closed. There will be no football, tennis, or other forms of sport. Teams will participate in the soon-to-be-announced 'Virtual FA Cup' and streamed online for 22.95 per month.

The future is no longer 'Orange'. :003:


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