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Daytona 765 Main Chat board / Re: 20200810 - Sonoma Raceway Track Day
« Last post by Atari765 on Today at 12:01:53 PM »
*Originally Posted by aardvark9 [+]
I may even get a VR headset so I can use it in the garage with the bike on stands in preparation. 

A year or so ago I got the HTC Vive pro, it's incredibly seamless, definitely recommend. If you do take the plunge and get one, buy these 3 games off steam, you won't regret it:
Jet Island, Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Saber

I have a 360 max as well but I usually keyframe and render it out in 2d with that cancerous little app. There is a new tool though you can add to premier to deal with the raw files internally with your editor.

What are your thoughts on best position on the bike for the 360? I've seen people hang them off the side on makeshift selfie stick rigs (looks good, id hate to ride with a stick hanging off bike), or mount on top of helmet, I'm still not sure what's best.
*Originally Posted by AvGies [+]
Okay, where did you get that done?  :062:

I also want to have a link pipe made at Pajic R&D next week, because now she is very quiet. :164:

What solution do you have for the 99 db now? I myself am thinking of a db killer for touring in Germany. :306:

Yesterday I visited the exhaust wizard.

Nice piece of craftsmanship. :028: :062:

Also with custom made muffler.  :164:

Nice deep sound.

New Member Introductions / Re: New member
« Last post by Jay765 on Today at 10:02:13 AM »
Hi Anotyad and  :401:
Where are you located ?

Once we find Nigel again (you will see his many posts on the forum) but he seems to have gone AWOL at the moment he adds the Moto 2 Daytona owners to a list on the forum, just your bike number and location.

Cheers Jay765
Lmao.  :047: :152:
Hi RastaRacing, have a great trip, save some space for a spare pair of pants  :745: :158:
Thanks mon. Your helping me a lot. Thank bud. Time to load the bike an head out for 6 am here to Ott yo join up with Odin765.
Have a grtvday bud. Cheers. !! 
Daytona 765 Main Chat board / Re: 20200810 - Sonoma Raceway Track Day
« Last post by aardvark9 on Today at 03:50:21 AM »
Thanks, I was trying to be precise for that first session.  It was pretty empty that first one; there had been an AFM race 5 hours away the day before so the racers mostly missed the first session.

Yeah, this track is in some serious need of some love.  The problem is, IMO, that management gets lots of requests from big $ organizations wanting to rent it nearly all year so they just keep postponing the re-pave.  Because of its proximity to SF (45 min) and being in 'wine country', it's in high demand.  Laguna is in a pretty popular area too but they still manage to maintain it.  It's a serious issue.  On the other hand, probably 3/4 of my markers are certain patches and bumps (i.e., don't tip it into the Carousel (T6) until you go over the big bump, don't cross the tire-eating chasm at the end of T6, etc.).  I'd have to find all new markers if they re-pave it. :016:

I plateaued at Sonoma early last year but managed to follow some guys who were just a little faster than I was and had solid lines and technique so I tried to stick with them.  What I came to realize was that to get to the next level here you have to come to terms with the fact that the bike is going to be moving around a lot if you want to go faster.  I just went with it and I got past that big plateau.  It's not something I've really had to deal with at the other tracks I ride but this one has its own local flavor.  In fact to prep for this day, 2 days before I rode the bumpiest back roads on my Street Triple at a sporting pace, remembering to hardly ever put my butt in the seat.  It helps a lot.

The camera is a GoPro 'Max' 360.  If you thought regular GoPro software was buggy or weird, this will exceed your expectations!  I'm going to continue with it for a while because it's so nice when reviewing to try to find reference points.  I may even get a VR headset so I can use it in the garage with the bike on stands in preparation.  It's also nice b/c I can spin it around to check my BP and hand controls at any given point.  Post production is a pain though.  Here's the info:
Just watched your video.
Nice smooth lines bud.
Nice to see the other riders with you pass in a safe and controlled manner.

The track is in desperate need of some TLC.
Just keep the bike under you is a huge accomplishment.
The cracks could swollen up a 125 rider and only see his helmet.  :156:

I live that camera. Please send me the info on it. I was amazed by it wow. That  was so awesome how you can spin around.

I want one.
All packed up and canít wait to hit the road tomorrow morning. Odin765 has a awesome tour planed for us with a few surprises along the way.

For a four day road trip in the van pulling the trailer with the M2 too Ott as the starting point with Odin765
I packed 2/3 of what I bring to the track.

Spare Side mirror
Battery tender
Bar ends , levers and rear sets.
Bolt kit.
Spare tires on rims.
Air compressor
Chain and splitter kit.
Tool box
1 jug of oil.
2 litres of distilled water.
2 helmets
LCD tint screen.
2 smoked
2 clear.
Case of water
Full tank in M2

Safety kit in the tank bag.
About the size of a beer can.
First aid kit
Multi Allen key tool.
A couple of spare lever bolts.
Zip ties
Kiwick seal incase of rad hole. I do have the Evo rad gaurd but I have help 3 people over the years with a hole in there rad on the side of the road. 30 min and way they go.
Tire plug tool and stick.
Double end air hose to take air from another tire.
Seems like a lot but you can compress it. Except for the co2 thatís in a separate bag.

I like being able to take care of almost any situation when touring and keep going with minimal time loss.

Guess thatís the racer in me.

Have a grt night all.
Big shout to all that where sent link pipes. Thanks again for all your support with racing.

Rd 4 coming up at the end of the month. Iíll be ready for great battles and will go faster.  :156:

Cheers  :821:

You know I will check it out and yes I would like more novels please.

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